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I apologise for not making any attempt to keep it current this is just an attempt to have a list of as many dolls house shows that I can find. Even if you see a show with an old date you can just google the name of the show to find out the date of the next one.

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Midlands Dolls House and Miniatures Fair: 17 November 2013

.........otherwise known as the Droitwich show, organised by Warners Shows in association with Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine
The Impney Regent Centre, Droitwich Spa
17th November 2013

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Ken and I drove down to Château Impney on Saturday for an overnighter ready for the show the next day.  The hotel is in the most wonderful 'house' (plus 100 acres).  We had a lovely leisurely start after lunch at home and arrived in time for tea.  Dinner in (not) the restaurant was very good and super value at three courses for £19.95.  I am not sure if they offer something more when the main restaurant is open.  At the moment it is closed for refurbishment - due to finish a couple of months ago?  It was still very pleasant and I was just thrilled to be actually staying there.  I am a Brummie, born and bred, so Château Impney has a certain caché for me and in my growing-up years I would never have imagined I would step through its portals.  Just see what having a passion for minis can bring!

Following a scrumptious breakfast I toddled off to the show.  There are something like sixty vendors which doesn't sound huge but I can honestly say they lasted me the whole day. These sixty vendors covered 125 stands, so there was plenty to go at.  I always arrive for the early entrance at 10 am (pre-bookers often get an extra half hour before a show) and  I spend the first couple of hours just methodically covering the whole room; in this case a large hall and another room.

I met Ken for lunch.  The restaurant is in the same building; you can see its balcony on the right in the this photo.  Again, the food was brilliant as it is still the Château's catering.  Sadly I was only ready for a toasted teacake and a cuppa and off I went again. This photo was taken nearly at the end of the show when the crowds had thinned out.  The traders I spoke to said they thought they had done well.

At 1pm Graham Barlow of the Miniature Scene of York was doing an Open Book Workshop.  For just five pounds you got two kits to make an open leather covered book.  One was already cut and just ready for you to assemble alongside Graham and the other was a packet of what you'd need to make another.  What a bargain.

At 2.15 Jane Harrop gave a talk about giving tired miniatures a face lift.

I decided to attend both of these but I am embarrassed to admit to being very rude and sneaking off before Jane finished as my other half came and whispered scone and tea to me. One cream scone with jam and a cuppa later we were wending our way home with all my little treasures from the day.  Here they are....

I have wanted a baby house almost since I started this hobby, but could never afford the kits.  The Bespaq cupboard itself costs around $100 (£60).  I bought this part-made one for £35 and it has all the rest of the kit with it.  I've checked through and it is complete.  Indeed who ever owned it has added a few bits and pieces. In case you aren't sure what you are looking at here, the cupboard is a 1/12th replica which makes the contents 144ths.  Whoever started this kit has made a fabulous job of painting the items.  I have no idea where to share the progress of this with you - maybe here? - as it doesn't fit in any of my fourteen blogs!! (click on the picture to see the detail)

Here's Paul for Muir House (the 1/24th project).  He's better in real life.  I am considering pinching someone else's characters to live here - remember Paul Temple and his wife Steve?  Nah, thought you wouldn't - so that's a good thing, makes them easier to steal for my narrative for Muir House. 
This was also bought for Muir house but by mistake.  I knew I wanted an Aga but afterwards realised I wanted it for the Gate House (1/48th project) not Muir House.  I am now debating whether it will work in Muir House.  It probably will; I just need to do a bit of research as to the history of Agas - I am sure they were around in 1937 but its a case of who would actually buy one.

(PS - written later - doesn't work in Muir House - no chimney for the flue!  if anyone is looking for a lovely metal Aga from Malcolm's Miniatures.  It is yours for £20 o.n.o. plus postage.)
I bought  eleven pieces of white kitchenware from Jan's minis; again this is half scale and for Muir house.  I won't show them all to you here.  They will be in the album attached to Muir House or the one for the show if you want to have a look at them.
I saw this bed made up (also Jan's Minis) and liked it.  It is destined for the maid's room but if it comes up as well as the sample one I will buy another and use them both in the guest bedroom instead.

The show-stopper for me was this lovely Christmas market stall from Jane Harrop.  It is incredibly pretty and Arts and Craftsy which I love.  I am the luckiest lady as I am now the proud owner of all the little things inside the stall.  They will be my Christmas decorations in the Gate house.  To see those you'll need to go to the album that belongs to the Gate House  or the one for the show.

Last, but not least, I found the right date Fairy liquid for Chocolat's kitchen.  It was introduced in 1959 so this is spot on.
The poster is just a bonus as it is the 'packaging' in the bag that the liquid was put in.


Saturday, 9 November 2013

Leeds Dolls House & Miniature Fair: 9 November 2013

Those of you who follow my real life progress will know that I am not in Naples, Florida (as I should have been by now) and switched over from Chocolat to my to Quarter scale projects.  I am still in the UK (flights cancelled indefinitely) thanks to an elderly aunt who has been in hospital since September and out and in again.  Until she is settled back into her Care Home we will have to be here.  In addition to this I managed to acquire a gammy leg.  Whilst out shopping a sandwich board blew over into the back of my leg and badly damaged the calf muscle.  I can honestly say it is the most painful thing I have ever experienced and after a lifetime of various injuries and operations that's some claim. week three of Hopalong Cassidy ..... as of this morning I was walking normally for the first time (bit painful).  Guess where I decided to use my leg........

Leeds Doll's House & Miniature Fair - know affectionately as Pudsey.

This is Britain's Oldest DH show (Est. 1982) and, co-incidentally, my 'oldest' show - it was the first one I ever went to in 2011 and it probably helped start the bug.

Like any show there is a core of regular vendors and that is a good thing.  It is like having all your favourite shops gathered under one roof and you know what you can get from whom plus they always have a surprise or two.

There were three vendors new to the show - A Basket of ..... and Weaverthorpe Dolls House Miniatures and Freestyle Crafts.  A couple of returners were Angie Scarr - yes - the famous foodie lady and Ladybird Miniatures - just look at her wonderful teapots and cosies.  I was too busy chatting to actually buy one - how annoying is that when you get back home.

Two of my must-see-what-they-have-got vendors had something really cute.  Harlands of Hedon had this lovely chicken pram - well duck pram really....

and this opening match-box from Minnie McGregor was the absolute show-stopper as far as I was concerned.  Truly she did open and close it for me several times.

My other half stepped into the show to retrieve me around lunchtime.  This was his first foray into a DH showroom other than picking up anything too big for me to carry away (ie Muir House from Miniatura).  I got the matchbox demonstrated specially for him and he was totally underwhelmed.  Not fazed by this I dragged him round to Danny Shotton's wonderful creations thinking that they are more of a chap sort of thing and, again, yeah/OK/have you finished?  Isn't it a pain when you are mad keen on something and other people aren't fussed?  How can they not see the near miracle of making a matchbox that opens or a corkscrew like this from Danny Shotton. This time I did remember to buy one.  It is destined for Chocolat and every project I can ever get it in.  I really want his box of chisels but can't seem to (mentally) place it any where.

Here are my other 1/12th buys........

This is the second - could be even the third - lot of light switches I've bought for Chocolat.  I am hoping they look better in situ.  I may 'tidy' the pattresses before they go in - talk about picky!  I would have liked to have added surface wiring (conduits) leading from them but not sure how to go about it.  It might still happen. My 1959 life was filled with buildings with that sort of thing - my school, my first workplace.  Sadly there was no reason to imprint the detail on your brain.  Good old Google helps... but .....

Two lots of lace for no other reason that it was lovely, very fine, very soft, cotton lace and will do something some time.  I think a yard of each (cream and white) might be a bit excessive

This is a letter box for Chocolat so I'll get that in place later today.
All in all it was a nice way to spend a rainy morning talking to like-minded people about stuff I love. That's what going to a show is all about for me.  So, here I am, one happy gammy-legged shopper back at her computer, dying to go and play with her new 'toys'.

I did manage to snare a few things for my pending 48ths....

Eight little gems from Petite Properties.

When I got home I discovered I already have a plastic bathroom set just like this but that's OK because I have four properties waiting for me so it may come in handy.

Not the nicest stuff as it is plastic but it actually works just fine for quarter scale bathrooms. I would prefer plastic to wood to replicate porcelain and that seems to be my two choices right now in 48ths.

I have seen brown plastic furniture from this range repainted and remodelled and it can look great.